Virtual Organizing


Do you like the idea of organizing your home but lack the know how? Are you the type of person that with a little bit of guidance + direction, you can GET IT DONE?  You are so badly craving space, openness and less clutter, but aren’t sure where or how to get started?


The Virtual Organizing program is exactly what you need to clean up and get organized, I will give you the tools to get on track and stay that way.


 This package is designed for the client that prefers a more hands on approach.



During our time working together, I am going to be your personal guide to making sure that you are working smarter, instead of harder. While on the journey of organizing + tidying up the rooms in your home or office - you will no longer feel lost, distracted or unmotivated. With my unique set of tools and systems, you will go from overwhelmed to organized in 1 day per room. Once complete, you will feel empowered to keep your space clutter free which will inspire you to continue this lifestyle change.



•     30 minute On-Boarding Video Call | Let’s take a look at your space and get clear on your organizational needs.

•    Exclusive Tutorial Library | Get access to my library of tutorial videos on how to fold, sort + organize like a pro.

•    Unique Shopping List | A unique custom shopping list for all the products you might need to take your organization to the next level, specific to your room/space measurements.


Flat rate $150