Back To School Organization

Looking for ways to master your "back to school" routine? With the endless lists, juggling different calendars, it can become difficult at times to keep yourself organized much less STAY organized. Here are some tips that I have found make life so much easier and can keep you sane, yes even you dance,baseball,soccer mom.

1. Family Bulletin Board

Keeping all of the school and extra curricular events in one calendar will keep you from forgetting little Susie's birthday party. This station can house invitations, school events, and work calendars.

2. Document Storage

We all love the beautiful (and maybe not so beautiful) drawings our little ones create for us, but those papers can become a mountain of stress if you do not come up with a plan before hand. Keeping these items in a decorative storage box will help you keep the clutter at bay. An additional tip...only store the things that you really treasure, not every single item needs to be kept.

3. School Supply Caddy

Who hasn't heard "Mom, I can't find my pencils!" ... any excuse to get out of delaying homework. An easy solution to this is to keep a school supply caddy handy. I personally prefer the look of acrylic desk supplies but there are so many great options, you are bound to find one that suits your style.

4. Homework Station

Designating a homework station is essential in building routines that allow for academic success. Just like adults who work from home, having a specific work area not only helps a child focus on their work, but it helps them to relax and enjoy other activities in a different space when the work is done.

I'd love to hear what ideas you have to keep your home running smoothly and clutter free!