DIY Simple Homemade Cleaning Products

Creating a healthy home is not only about proper organization, but using less chemical products to clean as well. While on my mission to have a more “green” home I found so many different blogs explaining how to DIY your own cleaning products. While the process is overwhelming, it was very informative as to what I was currently using in my home. Here is a glimpse of six products you can make using what you already have in your pantry.

DIY Bleach Cleaner

The most difficult cleaning product for me to part with is bleach. The germaphobe in me just loves knowing that I have vanquished all the evil bacteria living in my home. Yes, it’s a bit extreme and filled with horrible chemicals that can harm your family so I am changing to this bleach alternative. With that being said, here is a great substitute.

DIY Oven Cleaner

I don’t know about you, but that awful oven cleaner smell makes me want to never clean the oven again. Just thinking of the mess from gravy drippings and splattered desserts gone wrong would make anyone cringe. Having to sit and scrub off all of the grease and grit from those family dinners is a thing of the past with this alternative, it not only smells better but is simple to use.

DIY Glass Cleaner

Tired of seeing those tiny finger prints on your mirrors or glass surfaces? Me too.... With this simple diy you can make any glass surface shiny and spot free.

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Using an all purpose cleaner comes in handy when you are looking for a quick way to wipe down all counter tops and surfaces that are constantly being used. Refrigerators, door knobs and light switches are in use every day.... using a multi surface cleaner can make this cleaning process a breeze.

DIY Bathroom Cleaner

Let's face it.... bathroom cleaning can be daunting (and a little gross). If you are intimidated by germs and have tons of cleaning to do then this green cleaner can help.

DIY Floor Cleaner

The satisfaction that comes from a clean home is the lingering fresh scent of Pine Sol. If you hate the harsh chemicals that your floor cleaner leaves behind and can't imagine letting your little one crawl over them.... then this alternative is perfect for you.

Now you are ready to get started making your own cleaning products. From the various carcinogens to noxious chemicals no one should, store bought products are not only hazardous to your health but to our environment. This isn't the only reason you should switch to green alternatives though....

If you calculate what you normally spend on cleaning products versus the diy options, you too will see the significant savings.

DIY green cleaning products are just as effective as store bought items. I once had a juice stain on my white couch ( yes, with kids... I know, I know.. lol) after using everything I could find at local stores I finally used a diy alternative. And voila! the stain was gone!!!

I'd love to hear what other cleaning diy products you are using to create a greener healthier home. Send me your pictures and recipes and I'd be happy to share the experiences here.

Photos from Pinterest.